Meet our 2019 Teaching Artists


Stephen Armstrong is a graduate of West Georgia Technical College with a primary focus on portrait and cinematic photography. Having attended Shutterfest and Professional Photographers of America Conference just recently, Stephen is ready to share his love with others and help them capture unforgettable moments with the touch of a button.






Julie Tucker—Demps is a professional impressionist for over 25 years and native of New Orleans. Her work has been featured in the Academy of Fine Art in New Orleans, local libraries, and festivals. She has been nominated two years in a row by The New Orleans Art Show and National Art Show. She is also a strong advocate for arts in the schools and has taught master workshops to elementary and middle school students.

Joseph Falligan is an expert and professional drawing artist as well as medical and comic book illustrator.  His work has been featured in medical textbooks, journals and medical legal cases.  He also illustrates for comic books, video games and animations.  He has studied at the New York School of Visual Arts and Jersey City State University with a focus on medical and biological illustration.






Ilja Moston has over 30 years of professional experience in various areas of music. Mr. Moston has played on cruises, hotel piano bars as well as Churchill Ground Jazz Cafe and Sam-buca Jazz Cafe. He has recorded and released two original CD’s. He specializes in piano (one man band) and is looking forward to bringing his skills and expertise to the CAC this new quarter.


Chiara Richardson is a nationally acclaimed spoken word poet, actress, artist, and educator. She has managed to merge the art of creative writing and performing to create a masterful spoken word experience. Chiara has appeared on TV One and shared the stage with civil rights activist and celeb-rity musicians and actors. She currently is the co-director/coach of the Fountain City Teen Poetry Slam.



 Want to Teach an Arts Class?

Artists or craftspeople interested in teaching a class or workshop are encouraged to Contact Us. We are interested in one-session workshops, short-term classes, and semester long classes. We are interested in theater dance, literary, musical, visual art and craft disciplines.  Contact our Arts Education Coordinator at: [email protected] for additional questions.